We believe artists should be well appreciated!

We are  an online marketplace and agency offering a beautiful selection of paintings, drawings and photographs from Kenyan artists.

We provide a way for artists to earn from their work by providing a space where they can exhibit their work to a global audience. We make it easier for them to do what they do best which is being creative while we handle the sales and marketing.

Word from the Managing Director - Santina Nyagah-Bii

After having being a writer and working on many stories around artists I saw the struggle they face selling their art work. Many artists who have poured their heart and talent into creating work got very little exposure and Maridadi Art Gallery wants to give them the space for their work to get appreciated and to be able to see these pieces.
As the Managing Director of the company, I want to ensure Maridadi Art Gallery gives artists the space to be able to exhibit their work and make a living from it.

Submit your artworks

we have created a revolutionary new way for artists to display and sell their art to buyers all around the globe.

Submit your high quality pictures of your artworks to us via email; artgallery[at]maridadiglobal.com Indicate clearly the price for each piece, the material and the dimensions in centimeters (cm). We also require a short bio of yourself as well as a lively passport for your profile. 

Looking forward to working with you. 🙂